Cwmoernant Farm

a family farm in the heart of historic Carmarthen

In 2017 I will have lived here with my family at Cwmoernant Farm for twenty years.

We have shared our home, land and buildings with many people over the years as our friendships and hobbies grew and changed.farm2

The farm has evolved from the once loved but derelict dwelling we came upon all those years ago one spring day, into the wonderfully busy, happy place it has become today, as we gradually reclaimed it all to accommodate our interests and needs.

Folk from all over the world and all walks of life have come and gone, each leaving their contribution in helping the farm to be reclaimed and recycled into what has become, a place for skill sharing  of all crafts, old and new, celebrations, theatre, music and drama,and much more. Or even some blissful peace found in the ancient lands around and the companionship of the animals.

While many continue to be part of the “Farm Family” on a daily basis,many are through holidays, groups that meet here, or simply by email across the globe.

To mark the passing of Time and the Cycle of Life, the Births, Deaths and Marriages that have seen the Seasons through, I Invite Our Farm Fa
mily to fill our Visitors Gallery with pictures to tell the story of Cwmoernant Farm so perhaps we can all reconnect and stay in touch for another Twenty Years. I look forward to seeing what the farm will have to offer next and what New Beginnings will unfold.

Please get in touch through .

Penny Reynolds. January 2016